Youth Confirmation

What is Confirmation?

In the UCC, it is common practice to baptize infants. When a baby is baptized, the parents and the congregation make promises to teach that child the faith we share.

But we believe that at a certain point it is important for young people to “claim their faith” as their own. One way to do that is through a practice of Confirmation.

Children are, by nature, spiritual beings. As they grow into the teenage years, their ability to ask questions and reflect on the big meanings in life grows stronger — as does their very need to ask those questions, and push against prefabricated answers, and find their own way.

But we don’t leave our youth on their own to ask those questions, to wrestle with their faith, to dig deep and listen for God — as they understand God. And so periodically we offer a Confirmation Program, where teens will have the time, space, safety and guidance to think about their faith deeply and fully while having fun engaging with other kids their age (and with a few fun adults as well!).

The Confirmation Program culminates with a reaffirmation of faith and a reaffirmation of the vows that were made on the confirmand’s behalf at their baptism. This is done as part of the worship service of the community, and then we generally have a big party to celebrate afterwards!

If you’re interested in a Confirmation Program for yourself or your children, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.