Second Saturday Suppers


Once a month, on the second Saturday, we gather around a home-cooked meal (at 5pm) to enter into conversation about some aspect of our spiritual lives.


  • “I’m spiritual but not religious; I’m kind of allergic to organized religion. Is this for me?” Absolutely! We’re here to nourish our bodies and our souls, but “traditional religion” or “belief” is not required. In fact, the more questions you have, the better! Conversation in an intimate setting can be far more spiritually fulfilling than we would have thought before we started this experiment with Second Saturday Suppers. In this setting, we can go deeply and personally into questions of faith and the movements of our spirits. It’s a different way of feeding our spirits than the way we experience in a traditional Sunday morning worship setting.
  • “Can I come just to a Supper but not to regular church?” Of course! You’re welcome to drop in anytime. If you find that Second Suppers are right for you, but Sunday morning worship just doesn’t float your boat, that’s completely fine with us. Whatever we offer that feeds your spirit is here for you, no strings attached.
  • “Is this a sneaky way to try to get me to convert?” Nope. Honestly, we all have questions, too. The life of the spirit is a journey, not a fixed destination. Conversion is not our goal, nor is it our style! Faith, doubt, questions, answers — they’re all welcome!
  • “Do I have to dress up?” Come as you are! Comfort is encouraged.
  • “Do I have to bring anything?” Just yourself. Monetary offerings are welcome but not required. We do encourage everyone to bring a donation to contribute to the food pantry at the Council of Social Concern (Woburn), but again, it’s not a requirement.
  • “Are children welcome?” Yes. Childcare is provided; children are also encouraged to be part of the meal and even take part in the conversation, as they (and their parents!) desire.
  • “Why do this Second Saturday Supper thing at all?” People have always gathered around tables to share food, tell stories, and form intimate bonds. This is particularly true during religious holidays. Indeed, Jesus gathered with his disciples for the Jewish religious high holy days of Passover; they told the stories of their faith, sang songs, prayed, and talked. Some of the conversation was probably a bit heavy (after all, Jesus was trying to prepare them for his crucifixion), but they undoubtedly also laughed and joked with one another. From the time of the earliest Christian churches, which often met in peoples’ homes, followers of Jesus have shared meals as part of their communal spiritual practice. And so we do the same as a way to deepen our spirituality and our faith.

We hope you’ll join us for Second Saturday Suppers on the second Saturday of every month at 5:00 p.m. Questions? Contact us.