A Word of Joy (Advent 3 & Pageant) ~ 12/17/17

The Great Christmas Un-Pageant of 2017!


So, here’s the thing. Life is messy. Life with children is especially messy. Nothing ever goes the way you expect. In fact, when I was a new mom, a friend told me to write down my plan for the day and post it on the fridge. Then, she said, take it down and rip it up and put a new plan on the fridge: Isaac’s plan. It’s blank, because you have absolutely no idea what that little tyrant is going to demand. You gotta just go with it.


So today we’re not doing a “regular” pageant. No rehearsals. No memorizing lines or practicing entrances. No idea of what we’re doing.


Because we have all the idea we need:


that we are telling the story of God coming to earth in the baby Jesus.


That’s all we need to know. And no matter how sloppy, how chaotic, how spectacularly ridiculously we do this, we know this: Christmas still comes. And the truth is: not only is life messy, but birth is especially messy. Mary didn’t get to comb her hair and make sure her dress was “just-so.” She didn’t know her lines. She just said, “let it be to me as you say,” and then she gave birth in a barn, for crying out loud. That was not part of her birth plan!!


You know, we have so much pressure around Christmas, especially grown-ups. But kids too! And we don’t need more of it. We need to practice being OK with the messy.


So in the spirit of letting go of expectations that are too high and stress that isn’t needed, let’s have fun with the Great Christmas Un-Pageant of 2017!


Everyone gets a part. Let the chaos begin!


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