Epiphany 01/07/18

January 7, 2018
Matthew 2:1-12

Since the weather outside was frightful, we had an informal Bible Study followed by Communion. We considered the Epiphany text from Matthew: the Journey of the Magi.



“Matthew’s sublime story of the adoration of the Magi has often been better understood by poets and artists than by scholars, whose microscopic analysis has missed its essence. Our task as Christians scholars, preachers, and teachers is to seek a deeper understanding of the story through study of its narrative details without losing our wonderment at the story as a whole.” (Douglas R. A. Hare, Matthew (Interpretation Series. Lousiville, KY: John Knox Press, 1993). p. 12.)

I. First Reading: What words or phrases jump out at you?

II. Second Reading:

a. Did anything different strike you this time?
b. What questions do you have? What do you want to know more about?

III. Bible Study

IV. Third Reading: What is God or Christ calling you to do or become this week? What is the text saying to you and inviting you to do this week?

V. Closing Prayer before Communion

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