Children’s Sunday 06/17/18

Children’s Sunday
June 17, 2018


Worship included presentation of certificates to all of the children in our Sunday School and gifts of appreciation for our teacher and nursery workers. Worship was a multi-media and hands-on experience that can’t be duplicated on a website. We hope you’ll come next year on Father’s Day when we celebrate again!


I celebrate children

who laugh out loud

who walk in the mud and

dawdle in the puddles

who put chocolate fingers anywhere

who like to be tickled

who scribble in church

who whisper in loud voices

who sing in louder voices

who run – and laugh when they fall

who cry at the top of their lungs

who cover themselves with Band-Aids

who squeeze toothpaste all over the bathroom

who slurp their soup

who chew cough drops

who ask questions

who give us sticky, paste-covered creations

who want their picture taken

who don’t use napkins

who bury their goldfish, sleep with the dog, scream at

their best friends

who hug us in a hurry and rush outside without their hats.

I celebrate children who are so busy living they don’t have

time for our hang-ups,

And I celebrate adults who are as children.

— From Balloons Belong in Church by Ann Weems


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