Adult Faith Formation

Christian Education isn’t just for kids! We recognize that faith formation is a life-long endeavor, and here our adults have many opportunities to learn and grow in their faith.

Protestantism has a long history of “the learned clergy.” Following in the footsteps of our spiritual ancestors, we place high value on good preaching that is grounded in both study and prayer. Our faith is such that we would never expect someone to “leave their intellect at the door” when they arrive here.

At the same time, we recognize that intellectual study and “teaching sermons” by themselves are not sufficient for a mature faith. Study must be balanced with prayer, mind with spirit and body, and faith with questions.

We hope that the act of communal worship is itself an integral part of adult faith formation. We also supplement that weekly spiritual encounter with occasional Adult Faith Formation series.

Some of our recent Adult Faith Formation Series have included:

Advent 2016: we explored some of our favorite Christmas carols and considered them in light of various aspects of the Christmas story: The Place (Bethlehem); The Men (Shepherds, Wise Men, Angels, Joseph); The Mother (Mary); The Child (Jesus the Christ).

Advent 2014: the congregation engaged in intimate evening worship service exploring the themes of the season: hope, peace, joy, and love.

Advent 2013 and Lent 2014: Rev. Heather led us in a Bible study which used Handel’s Messiah to explore the scriptures and traditions of Advent and Lent, culminating with Handel’s majestic Hallelujah Chorus just in time for Easter.

As St. Augustine famously said, “O God, our souls are restless until they rest in Thee.” Together we seek to deepen our faith, that our souls might rest in God, together.